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21 ноября (четверг) в 14-00 в Актовом зале Института иммунологии и физиологии УрО РАН (ул. Первомайская, 106) состоится лекция

«Nanosecond pulse stimulation and electropermeabilization: from mechanisms to applications»

Докладчик – Пахомов Андрей Геннадьевич, профессор Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics, Old Dominion University (США).

Темы доклада:

  • Basics of electroporation at a single cell and membrane level.
  • Effects of nanosecond pulses and how they are different from traditional “long” pulses and why.
  • Diverse consequences of nanoporation for cell function, from activation of calcium transients to the induction of necrotic or apoptotic cell death.
  • Existing and emerging medical application of nanosecond electric pulses.

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